Protect what is precious to you at CitySafes Sint-Niklaas.

Safe deposit box rental in Sint-Niklaas.

Do you live in or near Sint-Niklaas and want a safe place to store your valuables, important documents, securities, gold and silver or jewellery? In the high-security vaults of CitySafes everything is stored safely and discreetly. You will soon be able to visit CitySafes in Sint-Niklaas. For now, check out one of the other CitySafes branches in Belgium.

Register your safe in Sint-Niklaas in advance.

Be assured of a safe at our Sint-Niklaas location and book it in advance. As soon as the Sint-Niklaas branch opens, you will receive a no-obligation tour and all the information needed to rent a bank safe deposit box. Complete the form below and we will contact you for an appointment at a time that suits you.


What our customers say.

27 March on 10:25

The person in charge of the branch in Hasselt explained everything to me in detail and in a professional manner. It's always nice to work with friendly and professional people.

17 April on 10:30

I have always rented a safe deposit box at my bank. Due to the branch closing, I ended up at Citysafes. I thought it would be much more expensive than at the bank, but the price is about the same, and I didn't have to take out any other products either. No waiting list, no additional requirements... just renting a safe deposit box.

8 March on 10:32

I wasn't familiar with CitySafes, but after a major fire in the neighborhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewelry, and our childhood photos at home. I searched for a reliable provider of bank vaults and found CitySafes. It feels secure now that everything is well stored.

van Loon
5 March on 10:26

Very good and friendly staff, safe and respectful of privacy.

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