Rent a safe at CitySafes Glostrup.

Safe deposit box rental in Glostrup.

You live in Glostrup and the surrounding area and are looking for a safe place to store your valuables? Everything is stored safely and discreetly in the high-security safes of CitySafes. You will soon be able to visit CitySafes in Glostrup.

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CitySafes Glostrup is not open yet, but will be opening in the near future. Nevertheless, it is already possible to reserve safe deposit boxes at the future branch. Please leave us your contact details if you are interested. We will contact you as soon as the branch is open.



All CitySafes branches have nearby parking facilities and are easily accessible by public transport.

How to book a safe with CitySafes.

Book your safe in advance using this form, or send an email to

As soon as your branch opens, we will contact you to make an appointment.

During this appointment, you can immediately store your precious belongings safely.

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Secure your safe deposit box with CitySafes in advance, even before the official opening of the Glostrup branch. Reserve your safe deposit box at our upcoming Glostrup location before the branch opens. Upon the Glostrup branch’s inauguration, enjoy a non-binding tour and receive all necessary information to rent a safe deposit box. Complete the form below, and we will reach out to coordinate a convenient date and time for you.


What our customers say.

CitySafes Holland
11 November on 10:05

I recently rented a safe from CitySafes Holland. I was able to secure it on the same day for our vacation, now all my jewelry is safe and insured. I do have to drive a bit for it but it's worth it. I can now travel safely!

Ulrike O.
CitySafes Germany
25 February on 07:21

Since my house was broken into, I couldn't leave the house with peace of mind. CitySafes is great, reasonable prices and very nice employees who take a lot of time for you and explain everything calmly. I am therefore looking forward to the next safe visit and the fact that I can now leave the house again without a bad feeling.

Anneleen D.
CitySafes Belgium
27 March on 16:05

I did not know CitySafes, but after a heavy fire in the neighborhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewelry and our childhood photos in the house. I looked for a reliable provider of safes and ended up at CitySafes. It makes us feel safe now that everything is properly stored.

CitySafes Holland
5 January on 21:10

The first experience is immediately a very good one. I received very friendly and professional service and good advice. I am very happy that I rented a safe right away, a good and safe feeling.

Hugo D.
CitySafes Belgium
12 December on 15:28

The reception at CitySafes was very pleasant. All information was given correctly and the tour was clear and well-organized.

Lara L.
CitySafes Germany
1 March on 17:19

The price-quality ratio at CitySafes is really excellent, and I have seen the security on-site with my own eyes. I have rented a safe and stored my valuable items. Now I can go on vacation with complete peace of mind.