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summer for* free

CitySafes safeguards
your valuables.
In a high-security
bank vault.

Highest security

The highest level of security in Belgium, so that your belongings are always protected against fire and burglary.

Personal service

Our screened and trained staff are at your service. At the branch, by phone and online.


A trusted partner of several banks for years. Over 150,000 satisfied customers preceded you in 58 branches throughout Europe.


Different sizes of safes, from €8.95 per month.

Rent a safe at CitySafes.
Starting at just €8.95 per month.

We are here for everything that has value to you. Emotional and material: jewellery, dowries, photos, backups, documents or heirlooms. We give you peace of mind by watching over these valuable possessions, in high-security bank vaults. Under lock and key and the best security systems.

Travel safely all summer: now first 2 months free!

During your holidays, think not only about what you take with you, but also about what you leave behind. Do not keep your valuable jewellery, documents and precious belongings at home, but safely in our high-security bank safes. That way, you can really go on holiday with peace of mind.

What other customers keep with us.


“I keep my jewelry and watches that I don’t wear often with CitySafes. So I don’t have to worry about losing them or about the risk that they will be stolen from me.”


 “I keep my heirlooms safe in my deposit box so one day I can pass them on to my family.”

Business documents

 “My important documents are safe in my CitySafes deposit box. Safe, reliable and accessible to me at convenient times.”

CitySafes collaborates with national banks.

More and more banks are stopping with the service of safe deposit box rentals and choose to work with CitySafes. We guarantee a reliable place, a personal approach and heavily secured branches with well-organized robbery prevention. Did you receive a referral from your trusted bank or are you renting a safe deposit box for the first time? We welcome you at one of our CitySafes branches.

How to rent a safe at CitySafes.
Now all summer for free*.

Make an appointment
Choose a safe

Always a secure, suitable safe deposit box at the location of your choice.

Immediately available

You can store your valuables in your safe directly.

"My valuables are stored in an external safe, which gives me peace of mind."

What our customers say.

17 April on 10:30

I have always rented a safe deposit box at my bank. Due to the branch closing, I ended up at Citysafes. I thought it would be much more expensive than at the bank, but the price is about the same, and I didn't have to take out any other products either. No waiting list, no additional requirements... just renting a safe deposit box.

27 March on 10:25

The person in charge of the branch in Hasselt explained everything to me in detail and in a professional manner. It's always nice to work with friendly and professional people.

van Loon
5 March on 10:26

Very good and friendly staff, safe and respectful of privacy.

8 March on 10:32

I wasn't familiar with CitySafes, but after a major fire in the neighborhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewelry, and our childhood photos at home. I searched for a reliable provider of bank vaults and found CitySafes. It feels secure now that everything is well stored.

CitySafes is the largest and safest provider of safe rental in Europe.

The advantages of a safe at CitySafes.

  • Largest and safest provider of safes in Europe.
  • The best possible protection for your valuables at an affordable price for everyone. From €8,95 p/m.
  • Including insurance up to a value of €45,000.
  • Personal advice and guidance from our screened and trained staff.

Our CitySafes locations.

CitySafes is available throughout Belgium and has an extensive network of locations. As a result, there is always a bank safe available near you. Simply search by city or zip code to find a branch near you. This ensures that you have easy and quick access to the secure storage of your valuables.

*Summer offer: you now temporarily receive a free safe for the first 2 months when you sign an annual contract.

Rent a safe