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The safest place to store your valuables.

With dedication to safety.

We are here for all your valuable belongings. Emotional and material: jewellery, dowries, photos, backups, documents or heirlooms. We give you peace of mind by watching over these valuables, in high-security bank vaults. Under the best security systems.

A bank safe is the safest place to keep your valuables. Storing them at home carries risks such as fire and burglary. You often store your valuables in places that are also known to burglars. The emotional damage involved is often great. We understand how important it is to store your valuables safely. Far away from the wrong hands or danger of loss and fire. We take care of your valuables so you never have to.

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Our promises.

Highest safety

We have the highest security standards in Belgium and the best security technology on the market. 

Personal service

We are always there for you in person on site or by phone.


We offer lockers in various sizes, starting at 8.95 € per month.

Extensive experience

 With more than 55 branches and 100,000 customers in Europe, we offer you the most reliable and experienced safe deposit box rental.

Extra secure vaults.

A bank vault is invaluable nowadays. Steel-reinforced, 1-meter thick vault walls, with an interlock around it, also with 1-meter thick walls. De Nederlandse Kluis has therefore opened every new branch in a former bank vault. Of course, we have improved these with high-end security technology that the banks previously did not have, such as:

  • Trained employees
  • 24/7 camera security
  • Mist generator
  • Strobe
  • Water detection
  • Direct connection to the control room

Top-level security technology with 24-hour monitoring.

Our security technology is supported by 24-hour surveillance from our state-of-the-art alarm center. Our security concept meets the highest standards and is under constant review.

Our surveillance services include:

  • Continuous real-time camera surveillance for 24 hours a day.
  • Advanced vibration detectors.
  • Infrared thermal cameras.
  • Highly accurate motion detectors.
  • Water and moisture detectors with instant alarms.
  • Smoke detectors for early warning.
  • Instantly accessible emergency buttons.

In addition, we have advanced security features including:

  • Fog generators to obstruct direct vision.
  • Eye-catching warning lights and flashing signals.
  • A loud audible alarm signal.
  • Immediate activation of police intervention, within minutes of an alarm situation.


Keys are in your possession only.

Only you are in possession of the two unique keys for your safe. These keys are carefully designed to be impossible to replicate.

To gain access to your safe, we use a two-step security procedure, with both steps necessary to open the safe. Initially, we unlock the lock using our master key, and then you must open the lock with your personal key. This process ensures the highest possible security for your belongings.

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Extensively screened and safety trained employees.

Our employees are experts in the locker sector, as our focus as an overall company is on the rental of safe deposit boxes. Our employees have already undergone extensive screening and comprehensive training on our security concept when they are hired.

Personal verification at every visit.

When you visit us, we always verify your ID card to ensure that only you or the person authorized by you may enter the vault room with us. In addition, you should always bring your own key so that you can open the vault.

The people behind CitySafes Belgium.


Managing Director


Partnership Manager

Zeeuw van der Laan


What our customers say.

van Loon
5 March on 10:26

Very good and friendly staff, safe and respectful of privacy.

17 April on 10:30

I have always rented a safe deposit box at my bank. Due to the branch closing, I ended up at Citysafes. I thought it would be much more expensive than at the bank, but the price is about the same, and I didn't have to take out any other products either. No waiting list, no additional requirements... just renting a safe deposit box.

27 March on 10:25

The person in charge of the branch in Hasselt explained everything to me in detail and in a professional manner. It's always nice to work with friendly and professional people.

8 March on 10:32

I wasn't familiar with CitySafes, but after a major fire in the neighborhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewelry, and our childhood photos at home. I searched for a reliable provider of bank vaults and found CitySafes. It feels secure now that everything is well stored.

Our customers rate us with an average of 9 out of 10.
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