All branches of CitySafes in Belgium.

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CitySafes has several branches in Belgium. Due to our extensive network, there is always a vault near you. Simply search by city or zip code to find the nearest branch or make an appointment directly.

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Opening hours vary by location. Use the search bar or the list below to find the branch you are looking for, for all branch-specific information.

All branches of CitySafes.

CitySafes is the largest independent provider of safe deposit boxes in Belgium. We cooperate with several banks and guarantee the latest security techniques, sincere service, clear communication and the highest possible security for your valuable belongings. Each branch is located in a former bank branch or secure location with reinforced walls and strict controls. Need a small or large safe box? We rent bank safes in a variety of sizes at an affordable price. Find out about the branch near you, make an appointment and learn about the benefits.

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