Burglary Insurance

What is a burglary insurance?

Burglary insurance is a part of household insurance, just like fire insurance. It is always advisable to check exactly what you are insured for. Especially valuables such as jewellery, computer equipment and audio-visual equipment are often less well insured than you might think.

What does burglary insurance cover?

Burglary insurance covers damage caused by a burglary. The insurance covers the cost of the stolen items, but also the damage to the house caused by the burglary. The emotional value that an object holds for you is not included in the amount you receive for it. It can also often be difficult to obtain the necessary evidence such as invoices and proof of purchase for the stolen goods. This can sometimes make it difficult to get the correct reimbursement from your insurance company.

Burglary protection in combination with a safe deposit box

In addition to taking out burglary protection insurance with your insurer, it is also advisable to rent a safe deposit box from CitySafes. This way you reduce the loss in the event of a burglary. By keeping your valuables away from your home, you reduce the likelihood of a burglary or robbery. The value of your property is often not only financial, but also emotional. You want to keep property with emotional value as safe as possible. CitySafes offers various options for this. All CitySafes vaults are monitored around the clock and we only work with the best security partners. If you store goods in a CitySafes safe deposit box, they are insured up to an amount of €45,000, this amount can be increased to €150,000.

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