Protect what's precious to you.
In a high-security vault.

Rent a safe at CitySafes.

We are here to safeguard all your precious belongings. Emotional and material: jewelry, dowries, photos, backups, documents or heirlooms. We give you peace of mind by watching over these valuable possessions, in high-security bank vaults.

From Danske Bank to CitySafes.

Do you currently rent a safe deposit box from Danske Bank? We can inform you that CitySafes is taking over Danske Bank’s safety deposit boxes in the Advice Centres in Glostrup and Nørreport.

At CitySafes, we believe that everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to protecting precious belongings. Danske Bank shares this opinion and has therefore chosen us to take over the safe deposit boxes in the advisory centres in Nørreport and Glostrup. As safe deposit box hire is our primary service, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and first-class security at affordable prices.

Transferring your safe deposit box contract to CitySafes is simple and convenient. You can choose to complete the process online, or at the branch.


From Danske Bank to CitySafes.

What we offer.

CitySafes ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to keep your trusted safe deposit box with the best possible service and extended opening hours.

  • Retain your current safe deposit box at the same price as Danske Bank.
  • Enjoy included insurance coverage of 350,000 kr.
  • We offer extra flexibility with extended opening hours, 5 days a week (from October 1st in Nørreport).
  • Safeguarding valuables is our core service, which means keeping your belongings secure is our everyday focus.

Our core focus on safes distinguishes us, ensuring a tailored and expert approach to safeguarding your valuables.

Unmatched security

We boast the highest safety standards in the market, providing peace of mind and confidence in the protection of your belongings.

Superior service

We offer extended opening hours and dedicated, screened staff for personalized advice and service.

European presence

With more than 60 branches across Europe, we bring you the assurance of the most experienced and trusted service in safeguarding your valuables.

CitySafes is the leading provider of safe deposit boxes with the highest service and security standards.

What our customers say.

Hugo D.
CitySafes Belgium
12 December on 15:28

The reception at CitySafes was very pleasant. All information was given correctly and the tour was clear and well-organized.

Anneleen D.
CitySafes Belgium
27 March on 16:05

I did not know CitySafes, but after a heavy fire in the neighborhood, it no longer felt safe to keep contracts, jewelry and our childhood photos in the house. I looked for a reliable provider of safes and ended up at CitySafes. It makes us feel safe now that everything is properly stored.

Lara L.
CitySafes Germany
1 March on 17:19

The price-quality ratio at CitySafes is really excellent, and I have seen the security on-site with my own eyes. I have rented a safe and stored my valuable items. Now I can go on vacation with complete peace of mind.

Ulrike O.
CitySafes Germany
25 February on 07:21

Since my house was broken into, I couldn't leave the house with peace of mind. CitySafes is great, reasonable prices and very nice employees who take a lot of time for you and explain everything calmly. I am therefore looking forward to the next safe visit and the fact that I can now leave the house again without a bad feeling.

CitySafes Holland
11 November on 10:05

I recently rented a safe from CitySafes Holland. I was able to secure it on the same day for our vacation, now all my jewelry is safe and insured. I do have to drive a bit for it but it's worth it. I can now travel safely!

CitySafes Holland
5 January on 21:10

The first experience is immediately a very good one. I received very friendly and professional service and good advice. I am very happy that I rented a safe right away, a good and safe feeling.

‘’We have peace of mind, knowing our precious belongings are safely stored with CitySafes”

What other customers keep with us.


“I keep part of my jewelry and watches with CitySafes. So I don’t have to worry about losing them or about the risk that they will be stolen from me.”


“I keep my heirlooms safe in my deposit box so one day I can pass them on to my family.”

Business documents

“My important documents are safe in my CitySafes deposit box. Safe, reliable and accessible to me at convenient times.”

Discover our Danish branches.

CitySafes is excited to announce the opening of three branches in Denmark located in Lyngby, Copenhagen/Nørreport, and Glostrup. Join us and experience peace of mind by using the safe storage services at these locations. With CitySafes we aim to provide all citizens of Denmark with secure storage space for their valuables. This means that more branches are coming.


The advantages of a safe at CitySafes.

  • Largest provider of safe deposit boxes, offering the best service against the most affordable price.
  • Receive personalized advice and guidance from our screened and trained staff.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage, up to a value of 350,000 kr. included.
  • Optimal protection for your precious belongings at an affordable monthly rate.

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