Access to your safe deposit box

On which days do I have access to my safe deposit box?

On our regular opening days, you have access to your safe deposit box free of charge, for an unlimited period and without an appointment. These days vary depending on the location. You can find the opening hours via the respective branch. Visit the webpage of your branch to find out the current opening hours. Outside the regular locker days, access is also possible by appointment. We charge an administration fee of DKK 250,- for this. Please contact us by phone or send a request to

Do I also have access to my safe deposit box outside the regular opening hours?

Yes, this is possible by appointment. CitySafes charges an administration fee of DKK 250,- per visit for this. Contact us by phone or send a request to You will of course be informed of any changes to the fixed opening hours.

How much time do I have when visiting my safe deposit box?

In most cases, you can visit your safe deposit box at your convenience. To ensure your privacy, you will be provided with a separate room. As the drawer of your safe deposit box is removable, you can conveniently take the contents to the visitors’ room. After we have escorted you to this closed room, you can devote yourself to the contents of your safe deposit box at your leisure. Afterwards, one of our staff members will accompany you back to your safe deposit box, where you can safely place the drawer back in the safe deposit box.
At certain times, e.g. before holidays, the demand for access to the safe deposit boxes is greater than usual. Then we may ask you to limit your visit to 10 minutes. For most visits, this is more than sufficient. Do you need more time? Then please let one of our employees know.

I have a disability. Is my safe deposit box easily accessible?

If you have any questions or would like more information about your options please contact us.

Renting a safe deposit box

What are the advantages of renting a safe deposit box?

Storing your valuables in a secure safe reduces the risk of losing your valuables in the event of burglary, theft or fire. As standard, the contents of your safe deposit box are also insured up to DKK 330,000. The insurance coverage can be increased to DKK 670,000. You can find more information about this in the rental contract for your safe deposit box.

What are the terms and conditions for renting a locker at CitySafes?

You must be in possession of a valid European proof of identity and an IBAN. At CitySafes, the following documents are valid as proof of identity:

  • EU passport
  • Valid residence permit for Denmark
  • Danish identity card
  • Danish driving license (only after first visit)

At which locations can I rent a safe deposit box?

We have created an overview of all CitySafes branches so that you can find a safe deposit box near you.

Can I use my safe deposit box immediately after receiving the keys?

At the first appointment, you will pick up the keys. We will take you to a safe deposit box of your choice, where you can immediately store your valuables. So it is advisable to bring your valuables directly with you. This way you don’t have to travel back and forth unnecessarily.

Can I share a safe deposit box with someone else?

Yes, simply name a family member or partner as co-tenant. The co-tenant receives the keys to the safe deposit box just as you do and is entitled to access the safe deposit box even in your absence. The contract therefore considers this person to be equal to the main tenant. Adding a co-tenant must be done in the presence of the tenant and co-tenant at your branch. Both tenant and co-tenant must be in possession of a valid identification document, e.g. an identity card, at this appointment.

Can I allow other people to access my safe deposit box?

Yes, as a contractual partner (main tenant and/or co-tenant) you can issue a power of attorney to others. The authorized person can then use your keys to access the locker, even if you are not present. However, an authorized representative is not a co-tenant. Should you or your co-tenant die, all powers of attorney expire. To issue a power of attorney, you as the main tenant or co-tenant must come to the branch together with the person to be authorized. At the branch, we can set up the power of attorney for you immediately.

What happens in the event of decease?

Your safe deposit box remains accessible to your co-tenant. All powers of attorney expire. Your heirs have access to your safe deposit box upon presentation of a certificate of inheritance and a death certificate.

Are there any other costs apart from the safe deposit box rental?

You pay a one-time deposit of DKK 650 per safe deposit box for the keys and the lock. If you return all the keys at the end of the rental contract and no payments are outstanding, the deposit will be refunded to you within one month.
You have free and unrestricted access to your safe deposit box during opening hours. Would you like to use your locker outside the regular opening hours? This is also possible by arrangement. In this case, CitySafes charges an administration fee of  DKK 250,-.
If you lose one or both keys, you will be charged for the cost. These amount to DKK 2.500,- excluding VAT for one lost key and DKK 4.500- excluding VAT for two lost keys.

Is it possible to rent safe deposit boxes for business purposes?

Of course. To do this, you must bring an extract from the commercial register which lists the particulars of your commercial entity to your appointment. The extract must be no more than three months old and must contain your name.
Alternatively, you can also bring your company’s VAT number and IBAN to the appointment. If all documents are in order, there is nothing standing in the way of renting your business safe deposit box.

I would like to change to another safe size, what do I have to do?

Larger size: The option to switch to a larger safe deposit box is always open to you, depending on the availability of a suitable safe deposit box at your branch.
Visit your branch with both keys of your previous locker and a valid ID. You do not need an appointment, but you should check beforehand whether the size you want is available.
The price difference for the remaining months of the contract period will be charged in the following billing period.
Smaller size: To switch to a smaller locker, we require at least one month’s notice before the end of your contract period. Please inform us in writing or at the counter that you wish to make this change so that we can arrange this immediately if a smaller size is available.
A refund of the rent already paid is not possible. The rent for the smaller locker will be debited during the normal billing period after the changeover. If you would like to change to a smaller locker, please inform your branch in advance. You can then arrange an appointment to make the switch. Please bring both keys of your previous locker and a valid ID with you.

Security and surveillance

How do I know if my safe deposit box is secure?

Your safe deposit box is located in a high-security safe that meets the strict requirements of security category 4+. This is the highest security category in Denmark. The fire- and burglar-proof safes are monitored around the clock.

How does CitySafes handle my personal data?

Your data will not be provided to third parties. In doing so, CitySafes strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also, our website is only accessible via 256-bit SSL security. The data you enter is therefore sent via an encrypted connection.

How is the continuity of CitySafes guaranteed?

CitySafes is the largest safe deposit box provider in Europe. Under no circumstances does your property fall under CitySafes’ corporate assets and is therefore always protected.

What happens to my property if CitySafes goes bankrupt?

In the unlikely event that this would happen, you remain the legal and beneficial owner of the safe deposit box contents at all times. Unlike most banks, it is not part of the bankruptcy estate in the event of bankruptcy.


How much insurance coverage does my safe deposit box have?

By default, the contents of your safe deposit box are insured up to DKK 330,000. The insurance coverage can be increased to DKK 670,000

Which insurance companies does CitySafes work with?

Your valuables are excellently insured at CitySafes. For this purpose, we work together with AXA XL.

How can I prove what is in my safe deposit box should the contents get lost?

You must yourself provide a plausible statement of which items have been lost. This requirement is similar to that of banks and loss adjusters. You also have to prove which valuables have been lost, e.g. by means of photos, invoices and/or appraisals.


When will the rent be collected?

Depending on when your contract started, you will receive an invoice every year on the 10th or 24th of the month concerned. 14 to 18 days after you receive the invoice, we will debit the amount from your account. The day on which your account is debited cannot be adjusted.
If you prefer to pay monthly, this is of course also possible. In this case, you will receive an invoice on the 10th or 24th of each month. CitySafes charges an administration fee of 20 percent for each monthly payment.

When will the deposit be collected?

The deposit is collected once at the same time as the first collection of the annual rent.

How long is the notice period?

The notice period is at least one month before the expiry of your lease. The agreement is automatically renewed every year for one year. For example, if your contract ends on the 31st of October 2024, you must terminate your safe deposit box by the 30th of September 2024.

How can I cancel my safe deposit box rental contract?

You must cancel the rental contract for your safe deposit box in writing. You can use the form you can find via this link: Cancellation form.
You are responsible for sending your cancellation within the notice period specified. We will send you a confirmation once we received your cancellation and we will contact you to arrange an appointment to take back your keys. To ensure that we receive your cancellation properly, we recommend that you use our cancellation form, send the cancellation to us by registered post or drop it by one of our branches.
Once we have received your keys, the deposit will be refunded to your bank account within one month. If you wish to rent a safe deposit box again in the future, you should be aware that we cannot reserve safe deposit boxes and you might not be able to get the same size as you had before.

Other questions

After reading these questions and answers, is your question still not answered? If so, please feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you.