What do burglars steal?

Posted on 29 September 2023

Did you know that there were more than 40,000 burglaries last year? That’s more than 100 burglaries per day! So there is a possibility that one day a burglar will try it at your house, too. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small or a very large house: Everyone runs the risk of becoming a victim of a home burglary. Often it happens when you are not at home or you are away because of the vacations. Therefore, one should know how to secure the apartment or house from burglary while on vacation. During such a burglary, the burglar has only one goal: to capture as many valuables as possible. These items have not only a high material value, but often also an emotional value for the victim. For example, think of a piece of jewelry that you inherited from a loved one. We’ve created a list of the 6 items that are of interest to burglars, but that you don’t want to lose. Do you own any of the valuable items listed below that could be taken in a burglary?

1. Cash

More and more people keep their money at home instead of putting it in an account. If you want to keep a large amount of money at home, you should make sure that it is not easy for burglars to find. Some people simply hide their money somewhere in the house, such as under a mattress or in the freezer. Even if you hide the money well, burglars can find it. For example, some time ago it was reported in the news that cash was stolen from a crawl space during a burglary. An amount of 60,000 euros was involved. Often, insurance companies will pay a maximum amount of about 1,000 euros. So you will never see the rest of the money again.

2. Heirlooms, jewelry and watches

Do you also keep your jewelry in a drawer in your bedroom? Then you are not the only one. Most simply keep their valuable jewelry in a drawer. Burglars know this too, which is why they often look for valuable jewelry during a break-in. Do you have an heirloom, for example a piece of jewelry from your grandmother? Then it is often of high material as well as emotional value. Store this heirloom properly so that burglars can’t find it easily. After all, the theft of a valuable heirloom is the last thing you want to experience.

3. Handbags

Even the last handbag you used is often out of sight. After a day at work, many people put their bag in the hallway or on the dining table. A handbag is usually full of important items such as wallet, sunglasses and keys. So it is no coincidence that handbags are often taken during burglaries.

4. Keys

Keys often hang in the hallway on a hook or in a special key cabinet. They hang there in plain sight and are therefore often taken by burglars. You may have no idea which key belongs to what, but there is bound to be something interesting there. For example, what all hangs on your key ring? The key for your house, car, garage and bicycle? After a few attempts, your car and bike can be stolen. So put your bunch of keys in an unusual place, for example, in a kitchen drawer or in the TV cabinet.

5. Dowry

A dowry is a collection of gifts whose total value is often very high. For example, dowries often consist mostly of money and gold. Clues like a “Newlywed” sign in the front yard and a first wedding photo on social media let other people know that a wedding just took place. This also alerts burglars, as shortly after the wedding there is a chance that the dowry is still unsecured in the bride and groom’s home. This is in contrast to the bride and groom, who are often enjoying their honeymoon at this time. The temptation for burglars is therefore great and you would certainly not be the first bride and groom to be deprived of their dowry shortly after the wedding.

6. Electronics

Televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles and cell phones are also commonly taken during burglaries. The reason for this is that these items can be easily resold, making quick money. Make sure that no one from the outside can tell at first glance that there are a lot of valuable electronics in the house, for example, by locking away your laptop instead of leaving it open on your desk. Also, don’t just leave the packing boxes of newly purchased electronic devices open on the street, because then everyone will see that you just bought a new TV, for example.

Do you keep your valuables safe?

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