What to do if your bank no longer rents safe deposit boxes?

Posted on 29 September 2023

Anyone who wants to store their valuables in a safe deposit box can no longer go to the bank to do so. However, it is still possible to rent a safe deposit box. CitySafes is a private and specialized safe deposit box rental company with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Thanks to CitySafes, there is still a trusted place for everyone to keep their personal valuables safe.

What are the alternatives?

Customers who can no longer get a safe deposit box at their bank have two alternatives. 1) renting a safe deposit box from a company like CitySafes or 2) buying a private safe that you set up at your home. The latter, of course, has the advantage that such a safe is always close to you. But renting a real safe deposit box has some distinct advantages:


A safe deposit box is always better secured than a private safe. A sophisticated video surveillance system with motion, heat and vibration detection in combination with a 1 m thick steel door cannot be compared to an anchored private safe in your closet at home. Your vacation-related absence often gives burglars the time to dismantle a private safe at their leisure or even crack it on site.


Safe deposit boxes are usually insured for very high sums. This way, you have the assurance that should something happen in an extremely unlikely event (which is almost impossible), you will at least get the value of your property back from the insurance company. With a private safe, the sum insured (under normal insurance) is much lower. So, if you fall victim to a burglary, you are doubly unlucky.


High quality, fireproof private safes are very expensive to purchase. In addition to the cost of the safe itself, there are often installation costs. A good safe quickly costs more than 700 euros, while you can rent a safe deposit box from us for as little as 8.95 euros a month.

About CitySafes

At CitySafes, we know how important it is to keep your valuables safe and discreet. We are the largest independent provider of safe deposit boxes within Europe with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. Renting a safe deposit box is quick and easy, so you can rest assured that your valuables are well stored.

  • Highest security level (VDS-C) throughout Germany
  • Trusted employees: all our employees are thoroughly vetted
  • Various formats available from €8.95 p/m
  • Over 50,000 customers have chosen us before you!

Our staff will be happy to welcome you for a personal visit and advise you in one of our branches. During your visit, you will also have the opportunity to view the available locker formats in the respective branch. Make an appointment directly by calling 0800-5580011 or using the contact form below.


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