Why traditional safe deposit boxes are safer than automated boxes

Posted on 29 September 2023

CitySafes vs. robotic sae deposit boxes: Why the security of a safe deposit box is the better choice

When it comes to keeping valuables safe, it’s important to find a reliable and secure storage solution. Although robotic safe deposit boxes have been on the rise lately, a traditional safe deposit box with trained and vetted staff offers some unique benefits that protect your valuables better than a robotic safe deposit box. In this article, learn more about the benefits of a CitySafes safe deposit box compared to a robotic safe deposit box.

Maximum security

At CitySafes, keeping your valuables safe and secure is our top priority. With advanced high-security systems such as VDS-C class alarms, 24/7 video surveillance, direct connection to the control center and access controls, we provide the best possible protection for your valuables against theft and burglary. Unlike a robot locker, where security depends mainly on the technology, which can be subject to malfunctions and failures, CitySafes ensures the safety of your valuables with trained personnel in highly secure branches. They are prepared to act quickly and appropriately in case of emergencies.

No weight limit

What’s more, safe deposit boxes have no weight restrictions on locker contents, so you can keep all your valuables safe no matter how big or heavy they are. In the case of robotic safe deposit boxes, the safe deposit box contents must not exceed a certain maximum weight, as this could hinder the technology of the robotic safe deposit box.

Personal customer service and competence

At CitySafes, there is always a member of our staff available to assist you. The presence of well-trained staff* means you can always count on personalized service and expertise. They have been carefully selected and are required to provide a police clearance certificate, have a Schufa record and undergo other security screenings. After this screening, all employees receive comprehensive training with a special focus on data privacy, security, and customer service. This makes every employee a specialist in the handling of safe deposit boxes and the storage of valuables. Our team is ready to answer your questions, assist you in using the safe deposit box, and provide you with the best possible advice. Compared to a robotic locker, where there is no human interaction, CitySafes offers a personalized experience this way.

Instant access and flexibility

One of the benefits of renting a safe deposit box from CitySafes is direct access to your valuables. During the opening hours of your respective branch, you can easily and quickly access your safe deposit box without depending on automated systems or technical failures. This offers you flexibility and convenience and allows you to manage your valuables in a way that suits your lifestyle. Besides, when renting a safe deposit box, there is no risk of being blackmailed and having to take someone to your safe deposit box under duress and hand over the contents. For this reason, at CitySafes all branch visitors are personally met by one of our employees, who checks their identity and then personally accompanies them to their safe deposit box. In this way, only authorized persons enter the vault, while unwanted guests are stopped at the counter.

Privacy and trust

At CitySafes, we value your privacy and discretion. Strict protocols are in place to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the vaults. This means you can rest assured that your personal valuables are kept safe and confidential, without being exposed to the external risks that can come with a robotic locker system.

No risk of malfunctions and data leaks

Another important aspect to consider when choosing between a safe deposit box and a robotic safe deposit box is the risk of malfunctions and failures. At CitySafes, strict measures are taken to ensure that the safe deposit box systems are always operational, so your valuables are always accessible when you need them. Sophisticated security systems and the personal presence of staff significantly reduce the risk of technical failures. Robotic systems, on the other hand, rely on software-based programming that is more prone to malfunctions. This can lead to technical problems, such as failures of the mechanism that opens and closes the locker.


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