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Safe deposit box rental

Rent a safe deposit box easily and discreetly at CitySafes. Make an appointment via the website to visit our branches. Here you can see all our safes and the different sizes. You can also contact us by phone for more information. With an online request, we will contact you as soon as possible for a no-obligation appointment at a location near you. At this appointment, if desired, you will receive the keys and you can store your valuables in your safe immediately.

Why rent a safe deposit box?

When you rent a safe deposit box, you protect all your valuables from burglary, theft, loss or damage by fire. What you can store in your bank safe varies from jewelry, precious metals, spare keys to irreplaceable items, important papers or items with emotional value. You are and will remain 100% legal owner of all goods you safely store with us.

What are the conditions to rent a safe deposit box?

To rent a safe deposit box from CitySafes, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid passport or identity card and preferably a bank account with a Belgian bank. At CitySafes, you rent a bank safe deposit box personally or jointly or authorize someone in the first line of the family (parents, children, siblings).

When do you rent a safe deposit box?

It is a wise choice to rent a bank safe deposit box to safely store your valuables when you go on vacation or when you are staying abroad for long periods of time, for example. This way, you secure your belongings from theft and damage caused by fire. We see that vacations or stays abroad are often the reasons for renting a bank safe. However, do you like to store your valuables safely all year round? Then rent a Safeloket from CitySafes and protect valuable documents and valuables year round against burglary, fire, theft and loss.

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